Coaching Programs


Identifier is a single 90-minute coaching session that enables you to get clearer about whatever is currently most important for you to change or to create. You receive some introductory questions for you to answer beforehand, to ensure that our session is as effective as possible. It’s an opportunity to think deeply about how satisfied you are with your experience of life.

Your investment: 170 euros



Clarifier empowers you to focus on the life area you want to optimise, and to recognise new opportunities, both within you and in the world around you. Typical questions: What is my attitude towards change? Do I already have a plan that motivates me to take action? How well am I managing my energy and attention? What am I passionate about?

2x 1-hour voice skype sessions, supported by up to one month of e-mail coaching, establish a clear framework for moving forward.

Your investment: 350 euros



Redefiner is a powerful coaching process that lasts around two months. You receive guidance and support as you move towards the achievement of a major life goal.

Process steps may include: building goal achievement routines; choosing self-development tools; owning beliefs and values; recognising blocks; and creating a personal mission statement.

Redefiner includes 4 voice or video skype sessions and e-mail coaching support throughout.

Your investment: from 720 euros