facebook video challenge

This was one of those ideas where if I had thought about it for longer before taking action, I probably would not have taken the action. But I had the impulse to confront my antipathy towards Facebook by creating a kind of authenticity challenge.

As someone who grew up in a time before social media, I guess I have my issues with how prevalent ‘profiles’ have become, and with the perceived necessity of maintaining a presence on certain platforms in order to stay connected.

I would say that my Facebook profile was created out of a sense of obligation, and I have never been very enthusiastic about maintaining it. But now having it (since 2015) and not really making use of it is a drain on my energy.

I want to change this. As a coach, I work with people to change their attitudes, and I would like to change my own – with regard to online visibility in general, and Facebook in particular.

So I am starting a 30-day video challenge, and let’s see what comes out of that.

Watch the first video here, and leave me some feedback (you’ll need a Facebook profile of your own to view).