updating my intention

Last year on September 3rd, I published a post called ‘The Power of Intention’ in which I detailed my intentions for this website. The first year did not turn out quite as I expected, but in general I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.

Re-reading that post, what strikes me is that I was very clear about the purpose of Artist of Life. Clear, and down-to-earth. I think I’m getting more realistic as I get older, and I have my tendency to set myself impossible goals better under control. Since this is the second incarnation of this blog, what I learned the first time around was that however brilliant the creative impulse seems at the time, the biggest challenge is always consistency.

Life happens, mostly in ways we do not anticipate. I feel fortunate in that there is always something new happening in my life: new projects, new people, new plans. But one side effect of constant change is that consistency remains a weakness of mine. And look: a big gap in publishing posts between March and September!!

If I can forgive myself for this, and accept that in my case irregularity comes with being unconventional, then I can be pleased with what I’ve created here. I did manage to publish articles, one podcast, quotes, images and self-development exercises. And certainly I’ve enjoyed my process of creative expression and sharing immensely.

With regard to creating video, I’ve made some big steps forward with regard to sharing myself on camera, although I chose to publish the results on other platforms. You can expect more of this film-making in the coming year; I have some good ideas, and now I think the self-confidence to realize them.

So far I did not earn any income via this site, but I expect this to change as I increase the marketing for my life coaching business, and make some new coaching and teaching products available via Artist of Life. Stay tuned for these, too.

Something else I learn with getting older: the importance of committing to projects for the longer term. This blog is not yet all I envisaged that it could be and, honestly, neither am I. But I like the direction in which things are moving, and I notice that sharing myself and my creative impulses becomes easier and more joyous as time goes by.

And so I will commit myself to another year on the Artist of Life development journey, and will review my progress and update the intention on October 1, 2020 (or thereabouts).

Thanks for joining me. I appreciate your participation. 🙂